Body Design Workshop Montreal **September**



6889 St.Laurent, 2nd Floor, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, H2S 3C9

Les Studios Accento de Montreal

Autumn is coming up! Its time to get that body in shape before the holiday season. Bring your friends and come let my Signature Body Design workshop help you show keep the calories under control. We will do two sessions over 60 minutes of Fettle Fixup and Synco Sticks in a Combination that is designed to strengthen your core and elate our mood.
You are coached into alternating states of high intensity and back to steady where you are offered 3 minute hydration breaks with an energy replenishing drink. At the end we go for an entertaining thirst quencher social at the local fountain where we shall talk about fasting, nutrition and health pointers as we celebrate your surprise at your newly found resilience. Let’s Do This !

Indji’s Signature Body Design


  • Signature Body Design Combo
    September 13, 2017
    6:00 pm - 7:00 pm
    - 2 Session Combination workshop of Fettle Fixup and Synco Sticks over 60 minutes. Alternating states of high intensity to steady state with periodic energy replenishment hydration. A Food Fashion Fit discussion is offered in a public social environment after the workshop.